About Connor Consulting

The chief consultant and owner, Mike Connor, has been tinkering with, troubleshooting, and setting up computer systems since the mid-1980’s, starting with Apple IIe’s and IBM PC’s. From there came six years as an Electronics Technician in the US Navy servicing communications equipment from the Antenna all the way to the printer/data terminal/handset and all the computers and equipment in between.  After the Navy Mike earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Southern Illinois University and went to work as a Software Engineer for Motorola working on the operating system portions of the Iridium System (satellite phones) and GSM systems (the standard that most cell phones use).  After several years at Motorola, Mike decided his talents would be better utilized working for himself.

Mike is interested in just about anything technical. Besides computers and networking, his hobbies include building and flying model airplanes and helicopters, flying full size helicopters and airplanes (he is FAA certificated to fly helicopters and airplanes), designing and building electronic projects, and rebuilding engines and transmissions in anything interesting. His latest interests are learning Spanish and the banjo.

Mike has been serving the greater Nashville area from Franklin to Hendersonville since 2007 and he’ll be happy to consult with you too.

In case you’re wondering, the aerial pictures were taken by Mike’s wife with Mike as the pilot.  If you’ve ever noticed that most “close” aerial photos of Nashville are from the side, it’s mainly because it’s not wise to overfly urban areas from low altitude due to possible mechanical failures. In flight mechanical failures in aircraft are rare, but you don’t want to be the person making national news.

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